We want to build the homes you've always dreamed of, a home that's been anticipated together in your inspiration for years, a home that is the backdrop of your future memories. So when you build with VEDDANT BUILDCON, we will work with you to ensure that you get the home that you always wanted.

By bringing together your personality and our expertise we can build you a home that is perfectly suited to you and your family's growing needs. This is the belief that has directed our work since 24 years, and the acumen we set our archetype grand. During construction, we use dependable building materials and instrument a building process that features variety of checkpoints and supervision. It's all part of VEDDANT BUILDCON everyday promise to provide quality homes and exceptional customer experience.

Our prowess in residential construction has entrenched us as reputed builders having admirable work quality. As a 2nd generation, family-owned company, we pride oneself in working closely with you through each phase of construction to satisfy your needs and your vision.


We follow the green building concept in all our projects.

What is Green Building Concept?
We try to use all the below methods and thus play a small role in saving the environment.

  • AAC Bricks :
    Traditional brick kilns generate enormous amount of pollutants while manufacturing unlike AAC bricks.
  • Rain Water Harvesting :
    We have a rain water harvesting system at our projects in order to manage the wastage of rain water.
  • Solar :
    We use Solar Panels to heat bath water so as to save electricity.
  • Vermi Compost :
    We have vermicompost pits in each our projects which can be used to maintain the garden around the project.
  • Water based colour :
    We use eco-friendly paints in all our projects.
  • PVC Pipes :
    We use PVC pipes instead of the traditional wood, metal, concrete, clay. These pipes are more durable, fire resistant and its leak free joints eliminate water loss.
  • Architectural Planning :
    Planning is done in order to utilize maximum day light, improved thermal comfort and better ventilation so as to save energy.
  • Energy :
    Use of energy efficient LED's and CFL's instead of conventional incandescent lamp.
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